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Article by: Eric Valaun

The new "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show", powered by M3 Records (Ohio), provides listeners with various forms of entertainment from across the World. Talent ranging from theatrical audio productions to stimulating, precise, unscripted word schemes and critiques from the host, MaD MaxHeat. Pro Flow Radio is always looking for new affiliates and advertisers. Listeners are guaranteed to receive the entertainment they come repeatedly to hear and see.. "Nitro Edition" also broadcasts marketing tips and industry interviews & spoken word. Entertainment news is supplied by The Ken McCoy Entertainment Report (Hollywood). The show series has a strong hip hop, pop, rock & r&b origin. "No one wants to see you shine. But that is what makes the story behind the music. I was told at my first real recording session that some lines I said were at the pro level. Now everything I say is Pro Flow", stated MaD MaXxx.

The Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show originated in the winter of 2003 and debuted accordingly on WZIP FM radio in Akron Ohio, the hometown of LeBron James. MaD MaXxx had not yet developed into the veteran rhyming DJ but practiced and completed his training in order to secure a summer slot on-air. After obtaining a slot, NuJam (M3 Records C.E.O.) suggested the distinct "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show" title due to his solo artist's unmatchable lyrical pro delivery. The idea was also to give the audience a constant tongue-twister that was somewhat fun to say & hear. The Pro Flow Show was a hit in Northeast Ohio. The demand drove Nujam & MaXxx to broadcast Worldwide Online to satisfy MM's rapidly growing audience.
"We are soldiers in this digital online revolution. Hard work pays off," stated MaD MaXxx.

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