Pro Flow Radio

Pro Flow Definition

Where did the term Pro Flow originate and what is the meaning?

Statement from MaD MaXxx: 

"The 1st time I ever heard the term "Pro Flow" was between 2000 - 2001 during one of my first professional
recording sessions. I was at EHB Studio in Akron Ohio, and the song I was recording happen
to be the first track I ever wrote called "I'm Tight" off the 1st No Compromise album.
EHB has some serious talent behind the boards. My boy Rick Eckman (Chief Audio Engineer)
was encouraging me to recite lyrics a certain way in relation to timing, pitch and overall delivery.
With Nujam as my witness, Rick elaborated on the "pro level" ideology by telling me that
certain statements throughout the song rolled off my tongue intentionally better than other
statements. He explained that the entire song was recited well, but at some points I
performed the music at a higher pro level. At that point,
I understood that all word schemes have the potential to reach the pro level.

With that in mind, the "Pro Flow" paradigm was birthed.
From that point, all tracks that I create are written and recited in pro flow fashion. 100% flawless flow.
There will be no break in word rhythm and the complexity of our word schemes will always be present."

The Pro Flow Radio show was coined to favor the pro flowing host MaD MaXxx,

and the pro flowing radio roster of artists that he is proudly chosen to present on air.