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Pro Flow

Show Description:

Audio Specs:

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Nitro Edition

m3u Stream (pt.1)
Mp3 Download (pt. 2)

The new "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show", powered by M3 Records (Ohio), provides listeners with various forms of entertainment from across the World. Talent ranging from theatrical audio productions to stimulating, precise, unscripted word schemes and critiques from the host, MaD MaxHeat. Pro Flow Radio is always looking for new affiliates and advertisers. Listeners are guaranteed to receive the entertainment they come repeatedly to hear and see. "Nitro Edition" also broadcasts marketing tips and industry interviews & spoken word. Entertainment news is also currently taking submissions for a new radio anchor. The show series has a strong hip hop, pop, rock & r&b origin. "No one wants to see you shine. But that is what makes the story behind the music. I was told at my first real recording session that some lines I said were at the pro level. Now everything I say is Pro Flow", stated Maxheat.

Tune in to hear non stop heat from the best Independent talent from around the globe. Nitro is the original Pro Flow Radio show that debuted on Akron FM radio back in 2001. It currently broadcasts the Underground Hip Hop Top Ten Countdown presented to you by Maxheat.  You will be amazed at the quality of production between songs and the unique quality of music that is aired through this millennium medium.

128 bps / Mp3

Length: 60 min

Rating: PG-13

Hosted by DJ Mike Maxheat Mosley

Muzart Education Foundation Visits Pro Flow RadioWebsite

Pro Flow Productions Presents:

Positive Moments with Mike Mosley


Positive Moments


Pro Flow Radio

128 bps / Mp3

Length: 60 min

Rating: G

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AK Bay Patinum Edition

M3u Stream (pt. 1)
Mp3 Download (pt. 2)

The new AK Bay Platinum show is a tribute to Bay Area and Akron Ohio due to the musical pioneers who coincidentally share the name Mike Mosley. The raw hour radio show featuring the music of Cali platinum producer Mike Mosley and Ohio Mike Maxheat Mosley is jam packed full of beefy west coast bass and Ohio lyricism. The playlist will include music from up and coming west coast rappers & east coast rappers with mass appeal.  The series now enforces a healthy profanity free policy so that all audiences can listen without offense.

128 bps / Mp3

Length: 60 min

Rating: PG-13

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Minority Report Hosted by Jason Devore (Capital Jay)
& DJ Maxheat



128 bps / Mp3

Length: 60 min

Rating: PG-13

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Jazz Edition

Jazz on Pro Flow Radio

M3u Stream (pt. 1)

128 bps / Mp3

Length: 60 min

Rating: PG-13

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Ladies Night - Groove Meltdown

Ladies Night on Pro Flow Radio

M3u Stream (pt. 1)
Mp3 Stream (pt. 2)


128 bps / Mp3

Length: 60 min

Rating: PG-13

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Rock Star Interview Series

Rock Star Interview Series

Pro Flow Radio Interviews

Meet your favorite Authors, Entertainers and Activists on Pro Flow Radio hosted by DJ Maxheat  The show allows listeners to get familiar with the featured artists.  Each show usually features two different interviews  from around the world.

128 bps / Mp3

Length: 60 min

Rating: PG-13

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Mixtape Showcase
G-Zone 88

M3u Stream (pt.1)
Mp3 Download (pt.2)

G-Zone 88 is the latest addition to the Pro Flow Radio series.  The show showcases hot remixes and mixtape tracks produced by indie and mainstream muscians everywhere.  Tune in and decide whether the remixes trump the original track.  Meet M.C.'s and producers alike as they compete for the top spot.  The show is very personal allowing listeners to get familiar with the featured artists.  The independent music scene has a multitude of talented artists striving towards platinum status.  Join us and participate in the movemen by meeting these individuals.

128 bps / Mp3

Length: 30 - 60 min

Rating: PG-13

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Paragon 360 Rock Edition


Recent Upgrade: Join Pro Flow Radio as we welcome to our international broadcast series.  The New Paragon 360 Edition is an exclusive one hour broadcast featuring a wide range of rock, world and soul music from NewArtistRadio & Pro Flow Radio musicians.  Let the Countdown begin!!!!!  Start Date : 7/1/13  

Rock till you drop as a Rock Star!! the new Rock Edition is the built for the edgy rock and roll series.  Listeners are showered with fresh new interviews ranging from Alternative, Classical and Hardcore Metal.  The mix of expression creates rock hybrid music, so you may even here a little rap or bles included. Artists from every continent send in great music, and you might hear the next superstar before they blow up! 

128 bps / Mp3

Length: 60 min

Rating: PG-13

"Say No to Wack Rap" MM

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Do I contact Pro Flow Radio in regards to Advertising, Sponsorship , Syndication, Programming or Banner Exchanges?

A: Contact our Director of Operations, Maxheat.

Q: Will Pro Flow Radio prepare an audio show to meet your company's demand and requirements?

A: YES!  We will gladly provide audio content specifically tailored to your needs.

Q: Who is the Host?

A: MaD Max (Maxheat) and Others as listed above.

Q: Do any of the shows in your radio series contain profanity as specified by the FCC?

A: NO! We now enforce a healthy profanity free policy.

Q: When are show links updated in relation to new broadcasts and press releases / E-Blasts?

A: Usually we update bi-weekly or weekly depending on the incomming requests.

Q: Do Pro Flow Radio Artists approve the unexclusive distribution of their submitted music?

A: YES!  Feel free to visit our Broadcasting Agreement page.

Your Requested Requirements

If you would like any specific adjustments to the broadcasts created by Pro Flow Radio, just let us know!  When contacting, please specify your requests such as creating 30 min segments rather than 60 min segments.  
If you do not want any promos or commecials included, please let us know.  If you want drops from the staff or sound effect time cues, please Contact Us and we will gladly supply the demand.  

Pro Flow Radio Biography:

The "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show" originated in the winter of 2003 and debuted accordingly on WZIP FM radio in Akron Ohio, the hometown of LeBron James. Maxheat had not yet developed into the veteran rhyming DJ but practiced and completed his training in order to secure a summer slot on-air. 

After obtaining a slot, NuJam (M3 Records C.E.O.) suggested the distinct "Pro Flow Fa-Sho Show" title due to his solo artist's unmatchable lyrical pro delivery. The idea was also to give the audience a constant tongue-twister that was somewhat fun to say & hear. 

The Pro Flow Show was a hit in Northeast Ohio. The demand drove Nujam & Maxheat to broadcast Worldwide Online to satisfy MM's rapidly growing audience.
"We are soldiers in this digital online revolution. Hard work pays off," stated Maxheat.

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Platinum Edition (PG -13) 
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Ladies Night Meltdown
Rap / Latin / R&B / Pop (Rated PG - 13)

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G-Zone 88 Edition (PG - 13) 
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Rock Edition (PG - 13) 
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Paragon 360 (Rated PG - 13)